Paul Leva

Dr. Paul Leva is an esteemed internal medicine physician with a focus on natural medicine, weight loss, and nutrition. A graduate of Hackensack Hospital, he has enriched his education with postgraduate courses at Harvard University in Boston and Columbia University in New York City. As a former Chief Resident at Hackensack Hospital, he established his practice in 1988 and is currently an affiliate attending at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.

With a solid background in pharmacology, Dr. Leva possesses a deep understanding of therapeutics. He collaborates closely with Mt. Sinai to offer a comprehensive, dietitian-guided weight loss program that combines the latest methods for safe, rapid weight loss, controlled glycemic parameters, and maintaining normal body contours. Dr. Leva's passion lies in the inner beauty of the body, leading to optimal personal health, and preserving the mind and body for a longer lifespan.

Specializing in hormone therapy, Dr. Paul Leva employs BioTE to balance hormones by assessing hormone levels in your blood and prescribing tailored treatments for your unique body chemistry. Hormone pellets provide a consistent delivery of balanced hormones 24/7 for 3-6 months, depending on energy expenditure. Unlike creams, pills, patches, or injections, pellets ensure a steady state of hormone delivery throughout the day. Achieve increased energy, improved sleep, and enhanced overall health with Dr. Leva's expert hormone therapy.