Jacquelline Leva

Dr. Jacquelline Leva, DO, is a board-certified physician in aesthetic medicine at Leva Medical, situated in the lively Elmhurst neighborhood of Queens, New York City. Licensed by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, she is trained in dermal filler and Botox injections, as well as laser skin rejuvenation treatments. Dr. Leva is also certified to perform liposuction under tumescent anesthesia and has a passion for treating various hair loss conditions, including non-scarring and scarring alopecia.

Born and raised in New York and of Cuban heritage, Dr. Leva earned her medical degree from Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine (TouroCOM) in Harlem, New York. In addition to her liposuction training by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, she completed further residency training in Miami, Florida. There, she gained expertise in addressing medical skin concerns, particularly in patients with darker complexions.

Dr. Leva frequently treats skin care complications such as hyperpigmentation, keloid formation, and burns. Passionate about hair restoration, she utilizes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and other medical modalities to deliver exceptional results to her patients.