Master Aegyo Sal: The Art of Korean Eye Smiles for Radiant Beauty

Aegyo sal embodies the youthful and friendly charm of Korean beauty standards, emphasizing the plump area beneath the eyes for brighter, livelier expressions. Wondering how to incorporate this trend into your look? This article provides straightforward tips and techniques—minus the fluff—for sculpting your aegyo sal, whether you’re choosing makeup or mulling over permanent methods. Get ready to capture the essence of eye smiles that require no grinning at all.

Key Takeaways

  • Aegyo Sal, a South Korean beauty trend focused on accentuating the fat under the eyes, is designed to create a youthful and cheerful appearance that emulates the look of ‘eye smiles.’

  • The makeup technique for creating Aegyo Sal involves using light, shimmering shades and neutral taupe hues for under-eye highlighting and shading, with an emphasis on blending for a natural effect.

  • Permanent cosmetic options such as fat grafts and fillers offer a long-term solution for achieving the Aegyo Sal look, but come with potential risks like bleeding, infection, and scarring.

Unveiling Aegyo Sal: The Secret to Korean Eye Smiles

Illustration of youthful and cheerful eye smiles

Aegyo Sal, or “eye smiles” as they’re often referred to, is a unique beauty trend originating from South Korea. It revolves around the small pocket of fat beneath the eyes, which typically takes on a half-moon shape. Unlike saggy eye bags that can make you look tired, Aegyo Sal creates a puffy appearance that exudes a youthful spark.

So, what’s the appeal of Aegyo Sal? It’s all about the youthful look and cheerful appearance it imparts, making your eyes appear brighter and friendlier. Imagine the illusion of eye smiles that light up your face, even when you’re not grinning from ear to ear. Intrigued? You should be!

To attain the Aegyo Sal look with makeup, one must mimic the effect of small, fatty deposits beneath the eyelids. A key part of this involves under-eye highlighting, which can also mitigate the look of dark circles. The result? A radiant, more vibrant look that adds an irresistible charm to your overall appearance.

Anyone who’s adopted the Aegyo Sal trend, including myself, can attest to its impact. The under-eye skin puffs contribute to a youthful and charming allure. It’s like having an extra sparkle in your eyes, giving your face an added brightness and happiness.

It’s clear why Aegyo Sal is making waves in the beauty world. In the next section, we will unpack the art of crafting Aegyo Sal with makeup to achieve a natural and glowing appearance.

Crafting Your Aegyo Sal with Makeup Mastery

Illustration of natural-looking Aegyo Sal makeup

Creating Aegyo Sal with makeup is an art that requires a bit of practice and the right tools. The process involves highlighting the natural crease beneath the eyes with eyeshadow or pencil to create a subtle shadow. This might sound complicated at first, but with a bit of practice, you’ll be crafting your Aegyo Sal like a pro!

To achieve a natural-looking Aegyo Sal, it’s important to use a natural, light shade with a little glitter and pearl in it, while a neutral taupe hue is commonly recommended for shading. These colors work in harmony to give your eyes the desired plumpness, adding a touch of radiance to your overall look.

As you apply makeup to create Aegyo Sal, it’s recommended to start with a subtle application and slowly intensify the colors. Properly blending the makeup is essential for achieving a natural-looking Aegyo Sal. This helps to create a seamless transition from your skin to the Aegyo Sal, for a look that’s as natural as possible.

Nonetheless, one must steer clear of common mistakes when applying makeup for Aegyo Sal. Employing products that cake easily or fail to match your skin tone can result in a less appealing look. So, always ensure you choose products that complement your skin tone and blend seamlessly.

With the end of this section, we trust you’re eager to experiment with these makeup techniques to craft your unique Aegyo Sal. But if you’re looking for a more permanent solution to achieve this youthful look, the next section is for you!

Permanent Solutions: Fat Grafts and Fillers

For those seeking a long-lasting solution to achieve the Aegyo Sal look, there are options beyond makeup. Fat grafts and fillers are common procedures that can provide a permanent solution for those who desire a lasting effect. These procedures are performed by expert Korean surgeons, renowned for their specialized skills in performing eye surgeries.

The process of a fat graft procedure for Aegyo Sal involves the extraction of fat from a specific area of the patient’s body or face, followed by the injection of the fat into the under-eye area to achieve the desired look. The procedure generally takes between one to two hours to complete.

Nonetheless, awareness of the potential risks and side effects related to fat grafts for Aegyo Sal is significant. These may include:

  • bleeding

  • bruising

  • infection

  • lumps or cysts

  • skin damage or scarring

  • swelling

Always consult with a qualified professional to understand the risks and side effects specific to your case.

In our exploration of Aegyo Sal, let’s pause to draw inspiration from the celebrities. In the next section, we’ll be looking at how Korean celebrities have embraced the Aegyo Sal trend.

Inspired by the Stars: Aegyo Sal Among Korean Celebrities

When it comes to Aegyo Sal, Korean celebrities are leading the charge. Stars like Shin Se-Kyung and Kang Dong-Won are recognized for their Aegyo Sal, contributing to their youthful and radiant appearances. These celebrities showcase the transformative effect of Aegyo Sal, enhancing their charming and endearing looks.

While some celebrities may use makeup techniques to achieve the Aegyo Sal effect, others might opt for cosmetic procedures. Regardless of the method, it’s undeniable that Aegyo Sal adds a unique charm to their appearance, making them appear more approachable and friendly.

Inspired by these celebrities? We bet you are! Having observed the Aegyo Sal effect firsthand, let’s examine the necessary tools required to refine your Aegyo Sal appearance.

Essential Tools for Aegyo Sal Perfection

Photo of essential Aegyo Sal makeup products

To achieve the perfect Aegyo Sal look, you’ll need the right makeup products and tools. One of the go-to products is the Etude House Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker. This double-ended product is designed to help achieve Aegyo Sal, featuring one end for contouring and the other for highlighting to create fuller and more puffed eyes.

Another key product is the Heimish Eye Palette. This palette offers five different concealer, shimmer, and shading color combinations with various undertones. This allows you to personalize your Aegyo Sal effect with warm, vibrant colors for a natural, plump look under the eyes.

Beyond these products, a quality eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, contouring and highlighting products, along with a flat eyeliner brush, are indispensable for accentuating Aegyo Sal. These tools will help you define the eyes and emphasize the Aegyo Sal, giving you a look that’s truly Korean!

The right color palette is also crucial for achieving an authentic Aegyo Sal look. Soft, pastel colors like pink, peach, and light brown are ideal for creating a youthful and innocent appearance. These shades complement the natural plumpness and contribute to an overall cheerful impression, completing your Aegyo Sal look.


In this journey through the delightful world of Aegyo Sal, we’ve covered what Aegyo Sal is, its appeal, how to create it with makeup, and the more permanent solutions offered by fat grafts and fillers. We’ve also drawn inspiration from Korean celebrities and introduced essential products and tools to perfect your Aegyo Sal look. As we conclude, remember that beauty trends like Aegyo Sal are all about enhancing your natural charm and radiance. So, why not give it a try and let your eyes smile too?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of aegyo Sal?

Aegyo Sal refers to the charming fat, which is the pocket of fat found directly under the eye. In Korean culture, it is believed to make a person appear younger and more cheerful.

What is the difference between aegyo Sal and Eyebags?

Aegyo-sal is the bump below the lower eyelids, not to be mistaken with eye bags caused by lack of sleep, which are darker, saggy, and extend about two inches down the eyes.

What is the purpose of aegyo Sal?

The purpose of aegyo sal is to make yourself look younger and your eyes more cheerful and inviting. It involves highlighting and contouring the "charming/baby eye fat" for this effect.

How can I create Aegyo Sal with makeup?

To create Aegyo Sal, highlight the natural crease beneath your eyes with eyeshadow or pencil for a subtle shadow. This will enhance the appearance of Aegyo Sal, giving your eyes a youthful and cute look.

What are the permanent solutions for achieving Aegyo Sal?

Consider fat grafts or fillers as common permanent solutions for achieving Aegyo Sal. These options provide long-lasting results.