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Looking for a ‘cirujano plastico’ signals the need for a skilled professional who can safely enhance your appearance. Dr. Jean-Paul Leva, a board-certified expert in cosmetic surgery, is ready to guide you through this transformative process. This article will introduce Dr. Leva’s qualifications, detail the procedures he offers, and explain his approach to personalized care, equipping you with the knowledge to decide your next step in cosmetic surgery.

Key Takeaways

  • Dr. Jean-Paul Leva is a board-certified Cosmetic surgeon with comprehensive training and expertise in an array of cosmetic procedures and skin rejuvenation treatments, emphasizing individualized patient care.

  • His multilingual capabilities in both English and Spanish facilitate clear communication with patients, enhancing their comfort and reducing misunderstandings throughout the cosmetic surgery process.

  • Dr. Leva’s commitment to patient satisfaction extends beyond the operating room, providing thorough follow-up care, personalized recovery guidance, and resources to handle post-operative complications.

  • Scroll down to see before and after photos of Dr. Leva's patients and witness the transformative power of his cosmetic procedures.

Meet Dr. Jean-Paul Leva: A Beacon of Excellence in Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Jean-Paul Leva, a skilled cosmetic surgeon with expertise in breast, body, and facial procedures

Dr. Jean-Paul Leva, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, is renowned for his remarkable skill and extensive education in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery. His specialty areas encompass a wide range of procedures including:

  • Breast procedures

  • Body procedures

  • Facial procedures

  • Skin rejuvenation treatments

His qualifications as one of the top cosmetic surgeons are further exemplified by his membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and his status as an experienced plastic surgeon and doctor, a testament to his credibility and expertise in providing quality services in the field for both men and women.

Patients considering plastic surgery can confidently rely on experienced plastic surgeons such as Dr. Leva.

Education and Training

Dr. Leva’s illustrious academic journey began at New York University (NYU), where he earned a BA in Biochemistry,. His thirst for knowledge led him to Touro College, where he pursued a Master of Science degree with a concentration in Biological and Physical Sciences, preparing him for a rewarding career in plastic surgery,.

His surgical education began with an internship at the prestigious Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine, acquiring practical clinical experience in various specialties, including reconstructive surgery. He further honed his skills during a residency at Arnot Ogden Medical Center, where he trained in an array of surgical specialties, becoming a proficient general surgeon.

Specialized Expertise

Dr. Leva’s expertise spans a wide spectrum of cosmetic procedures for the breast, body, and face. His skills were further honed through elite advanced training at New Look New Life, a renowned cosmetic surgery practice in New York City and he had additional training during his fellowship in Miami.

Multilingual Services

Fluency in English and Spanish allows Dr. Leva to offer extra comfort to his patients. This linguistic capability enhances patient communication, adds to patient comfort, and provides clear post-operative care instructions. Such clarity minimizes potential misunderstandings and treatment errors resulting from language barriers, letting patients feel comfortable and confident throughout their cosmetic surgery journey.

The Art of Personalization: Tailoring Your Cosmetic Journey

In cosmetic surgery, a personalized approach is paramount. Acknowledging this, Dr. Leva focuses on customizing each patient’s journey to fulfil their unique needs and goals. He understands that true beauty resides in individuality and works to accentuate each patient’s unique features while catering to their distinct desires and concerns.

His approach to cosmetic plastic surgery involves:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s motivations

  • Potential emotional impairments

  • Medical risks

  • Anticipated physical effects during healing

This allows him time to align the procedure perfectly with the patient’s personal and professional life, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Consultation Process

The first step in any cosmetic journey with Dr. Leva is a comprehensive consultation. During this process, patients engage in a frank discussion about their aesthetic objectives and receive detailed information about the procedure of interest. Dr. Leva takes the time to understand their:

  • Medical history

  • Desired outcomes

  • Expectations

  • Any specific concerns or questions they might have about the procedure.

Realizing the importance of setting realistic expectations for patient satisfaction, Dr. Leva makes sure patients are thoroughly briefed about potential outcomes and limitations of their desired procedure. Acknowledging the growing demand for convenience, he also provides virtual consultations for those who prefer discussing their cosmetic surgery options from the comfort of their home.

Customized Treatment Plans

Following the consultation, Dr. Leva designs a personalized treatment plan tailored to each patient’s specific needs and desired outcomes. This plan takes into account a broad spectrum of factors such as the patient’s medical history, present health condition, and aesthetic aspirations.

Patients are significant contributors to the creation of their personalized treatment plans. By sharing their medical history, lifestyle choices, and aesthetic goals, they enable Dr. Leva to develop a plan that is aligned with their specific needs and preferences. This collaborative approach ensures that each patient’s cosmetic journey is tailored specifically to them, leading to more satisfying and transformative results.

Attentive Follow-Up

A key aspect of Dr. Leva’s comprehensive care is his attentive follow-up. He closely monitors his patients’ recovery, ensuring timely resolution of any issues and optimal progress towards healing. He also addresses post-operative complications by implementing effective pain management strategies and offering comprehensive care instructions to reduce scarring.

Furthermore, Dr. Leva provides a follow-up after a year at no charge and even further if desired by the patient, ensuring long-term satisfaction and care. Our greatest compliment is when patients trust us with their loved ones or choose to return for additional services, a testament to Dr. Leva's commitment to patient satisfaction and care.


In conclusion, Dr. Jean-Paul Leva’s approach to cosmetic surgery perfectly blends technical expertise with an artistic touch, ensuring each patient’s journey is uniquely tailored to their needs. His comprehensive care extends beyond the operating room, with attentive follow-up and post-operative resources designed to facilitate a smooth recovery. By choosing Dr. Leva, patients embark on a transformative journey to enhance their natural beauty while feeling supported and well-informed every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of cirujano plástico?

The meaning of "cirujano plástico" is a plastic surgeon. This term refers to a medical professional who specializes in performing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery surgeries.

Who is best plastic surgeon in the world?

You can find the best plastic surgeons in the world by checking the "Top 10 Plastic Surgeons in the World" list mentioned in the article. At Leva Medical, we are ranked number 17 among board certified plastic surgeons worldwide. Notably, Dr. Jean-Paul Leva is a 5-star reviewed surgeon on Google, further attesting to his expertise and patient satisfaction.

Where is the best place to get plastic surgery in the US?

The best place to get plastic surgery in the US is at Leva Medical in New York. Here, Dr. Jean-Paul Leva, a 5-star reviewed plastic surgeon on Google, offers comprehensive follow-up and patient care, ensuring the highest standards of service and patient satisfaction.

Why do they call it plastic surgery?

The term "plastic, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery" comes from the Greek word "plastikos," meaning to shape or mold. It describes the process of reshaping or molding body tissue, and is not derived from the synthetic substance.

What is Dr. Jean-Paul Leva's area of specialization?

Dr. Jean-Paul Leva's area of specialization and experience is in cosmetic surgery, specifically focusing on breast, body, and facial cosmetic surgery procedures, along with skin rejuvenation treatments. He is an expert in these areas.